Active Help Organization | History


Healthy, Peaceful and Dignified Communities


To improve the quality of life of women, children and marginalized people without discrimination through Human Rights.


Organizing and Empowering Communities to solve their own problems through collective actions and participation.


To improve the quality of life of women and marginalized people through Human Rights education & awareness and   provision of health care services. To contribute to poverty reduction and improved Vocational skill amongst Women and to enhance the quality of life of marginalized Women.
To improve the sexual and reproductive health and rights, including maternal health care, family planning TB, and Hepatitis and HIV/AIDS services, of the poorest and most marginalized people.
To create SRHR, HIV/AIDS, STIs, TB and Hepatitis, awareness among target groups and community.
To change the behavior of addicts through harm reduction and Detoxification and rehabilitate them to normal life and also to improve their quality of life by providing them basic health services.
To assure the gender based equality in Pakistan.
To sensitize people about environmental concerns/ issues in Pakistan.
To rehabilitate the victims of natural disasters like flood, earthquake etc.


The primary goal of this project is to enhance the quality of services available to female injecting and non-injecting drug users (including those involved in sex work and spouses of male injecting drug users) in the community by improving female access to existing harm reduction services and developing new female-specific services and effective referral systems to female health service providers.